Welcome to the 6th Global Archiact Jam! We are calling all developers to make the best mobile VR game on the Samsung Gear VR. Make cool games and win up to $3500 in prizes!

PLEASE NOTE: Global Archiact Jam is free to join! There is no theme, so let your imagination wander.

We all have one common interest - we love games. Global Archiact Jam is your chance to connect with other VR enthusiasts (or to push your own limits), to build the best mobile VR game. It doesn’t matter if this is your first game jam or your 10th, we encourage everyone to participate.



  • Learn more about your weapon of choice: Samsung Gear VR
  • Sign up using the "Register for this hackathon" button on the side of this page
  • Find teammates that have signed up for Devpost


Milestone 1 - Idea/Pitch: November 16 at 4:00PM PT

  • Game Idea/Description (required)
  • Team/Individual (required)

Milestone 2 - Screenshots: November 23 at 4:00PM PT

  • Game Screenshots (required)
  • Updated Description, Track

Milestone 3 - Final Build: November 29 at 4:00PM PT

Round 1 Social Voting begins! - November 30 at 1:00PM to December 6 at 1:00PM

  • Screenshot/video and description will be uploaded onto our Facebook page and voting will done there

(Top contestants with the most votes will move onto next round)

Round 2 Judging Period Begins - December 7


Judging process

Round 1 

Social voting!

Archiact will post the game poster/screenshot or video of gameplay if you submitted one for each entry on our Facebook page. Get as many likes and comments as possible! 1 like = 1 pt. 1 comment = 2 pts. (Max of 3 points per person will be counted.)

Top contestants with the most votes will move onto second round of judging!

Round 2

Formal judging

Archiact judges + guest judges will assess the remaining entries on the following criteria:

  1. UX
  2. Creativity
  3. Gameplay
  4. Immersion
  5. Interactivity

Each category will be ranked out of 5. 1st place will be given to the team with the highest score, 2nd place to the second highest score, and 3rd place to the third highest score. 

BONUS POINTS: Multi-player function


Hackathon Sponsors


$3,500 in prizes

First Place Winner

$500 CAD CASH ; 5 2-DAY Passes to CVR ($1500 CAD value); and Feature on the Archiact website

Second Place Winner

10 2-DAY Expo passes to CVR ($1000 CAD value) and Feature on Archiact blog

Third Place Winner

5 2-day passes to CVR ($500 CAD value)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Please see Contest Terms for full eligibility requirements.

How to enter


  • Click "Register for this hackathon" on this page
  • Use Devpost to look for teammates or participate as an individual
  • Review the Rules & Legal Terms
  • E-mail the organizer if you have any questions


Milestone 1:
  • Click "Enter a submission"
  • Add a new project or select one of your existing portfolio projects
  • Name your project and provide a quick elevator pitch (what's the game about?)
  • If applicable: Add team members via e-mail (they must also be registered on Devpost)
  • Click "Save"
  • Agree to the rules and Devpost terms of service
  • Hit "Submit to Global Archiact Jam"
Milestone 2:
  • Update your submission from Milestone 1 with game screenshots or video
  • Make any relevant changes to description
Milestone 3:


Eric Hine

Eric Hine
Executive Producer, Archiact

Dan Burgar

Dan Burgar
President of VR/AR Association - Vancouver Chapter

Lee Wasilenko

Lee Wasilenko
Founder and Lead instructor at VR Dev School

Judging Criteria

  • UX (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Creativity (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Gameplay (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Immersion (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Interactivity (Maximum 5 Points)

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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